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The clouds lay dormant,
Silent and grey,
As the white misty fog covered the dormant town
In a pall of silence.
Children hid within their homes
As mothers did their housework.
Little did they know that the creature of the wild lurked among that fog.

The creature of the wild moved with uncertainty and fright,
Snout in the air,
Searching for safety.
It flew down the pavements
Of the muggy, foggy roads,
Finding a place to hide,
A home for it to keep.

I slumped in the house,
Wishing to be free,
When electricity seemed to surge through my body,
Telling me to go outside.
I crept to the door with such curiosity and excitement,
"What could be on the other side?" I thought.
I pulled open the white wooden door to a silver misty realm.

A beast of the forest,
A wolf,
Glistened silver faced,
Grey body shimmering.
Its golden eyes pierced my own
With a strange calm about them.
Suddenly fear was plain on its face as its body shook
Like a windblown tree.
My sister towered behind me,
Screaming in terror.
"Get away from it!" she cried,
Yanking me through the door.

"That thing is a monster! A beast!"
"No," I whispered.
"It's you,
Everyone here,
All of us creatures of life,
Just trying to get by."
This was a poem I wrote about my encounter with a wolf on my back door step. Ever since that fateful day, wolves have always been a big part of my life. Enjoy!

Image found here: [link]
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February 2, 2011
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